Why Work For Federal, State Or Local Government

July 10, 2018

Over the last three years the U.S. government one way or another has hired more than a quarter of a million people, in addition to those already in government positions.

As a measure of the amount of employment, the Federal Government alone employs more than 2.7m individuals. The state governments add an additional 16.4m (this number is a census based figure and has probably increased since the last census.)

In some places government employment can amount to as much as 20% of the total workforce. That makes sense in the District of Columbia where 33.4% of the workforce are government employed but as a point of comparison, more than 20% of the population in Hawaii work for the government too.

Why work for government

Boston staffing firms have long recognized that there are advantages to working in government that the private sector cannot or will not provide.

Government jobs provide security

There’s always going to be government jobs. Positions may change, offices close or morph into other departments, but bottom line there will be government jobs. In the corporate world mergers, hostile takeovers, profit shortfalls all result in someone losing their job.

Boston staffing firms

The Benefits

Not those benefits the tangible ones like health care and retirement remain less risky in government employ. You’ve never heard of The President raiding the 401K fund. It is all too common in corporate America.

Think of the time off

America is not known for its vacation generosity, but government employees probably get more than most. You’re guaranteed Martin Luther King day for sure.

Sounds too good to be true.

There are downsides of course, cost-of-living adjustments are rarely on par with inflation.

No surprises, there’s massive bureaucratic control on everything every step of the way, every day.